Ultra low-cost dust detector

Starting from the experience of M-DUST we realized "Ultra low-cost dust detector".

The device needs only an USB connection for voltage. A double led system permits to detect presence of pm2.5 or pm1.

With "Ultra low-cost dust detector" you can easily detect everyday problems such as:

  1. the necessity to freshen air in the room where you stay;
  2. the presence of dust mite in your beds and blankets;
  3. the presence of cigarette smoke in your working room;
  4. the necessity to close your windows due to presence of traffic smog

Buy the Ultra low-cost dust detector at only EUR 19 from the ORDER MODULE !!!

Additionally you can purchase a counter based version of Ultra low-cost dust detector provided with an USB counter. If you bought this version, please download from this link the new driver necessary for the counter.