About Us

M-DUST is a product only distributed by myHermes Srl.

myHermes Srl is an Italian ITC company specialized in production of systems for information collection and processing.

myHermes Srl offers service of wholesaling of systems for environmental monitoring and data collection:

  • Low-cost semiconductor GAS sensors (details and datasheets)
  • Low-cost Catalytic Gas Sensor (details and datasheets)
  • Low-cost Electrochemical Gas Sensor (details and datasheets)
  • Figaro gas sensors (TGS2180, TGS2442, TGS2440, TGS4160 etc....)
  • Catalytic Gas Sensors (Alphasense gas sensors, SensoriC and City Technology, etc...)
  • Dust sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Light evaluation sensors
  • Geiger counters
  • Customized boards for data acquisition (I/O available: analogic, USB, ethernet)